PGTEF supports the academic and athletic achievement of youth in our community with tutoring, mentoring, instruction in tennis, and through competition. We primarily share PGTEF Quick Hits and USTA Regional News and events here on our homepage, so please be sure to check out our “About Us” page for details about PGTEF programs and our important mission.

PGTEF Quick Hits
breast-cancer-checkupBreast Cancer Reality Check!  
As a breast cancer survivor for 5 years, I cannot overemphasize the importance of getting an annual mammogram, combined with monthly self-checks. Read more of my story on our Facebook page.
United Way9.19.2016–Your generous contributions over the years have helped PGTEF continue its mission to better our young people. Please make it happen again this year as the United Way campaign gets underway. racquet-ball9.19.2016–Current Session Ends October 8! Fall Session #1 Begins October 15 indoors at Watkins Tennis Center. Register today!
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