WIP – Weekend Instruction Program

The Weekend Instruction Program is our only fee-based program. This program offers year round sessions
of weekend and evening tennis lessons to anyone in the Prince George’s County region.

The 1 to 1 ½ hour lessons are provided by our knowledgeable and experienced coaching staff. We have
schedules for beginner, intermediate, and advance players. Sessions run for 7 or 8 weeks and registration
is held on a first come, first served basis with a waiting list.    Each player is assessed individually to ensure
they are placed at the best level for their ability.

Participation levels:


Beginners: Individual has 
never taken lessons or only 
a few lessons and is still 
learning the game.


Advanced Beginner: 
Individual may have taken 
lessons but has not fully 
grasped all aspects of the 
game or mastered the 
necessary techniques to be 

  Intermediate: individual 
  has a solid understanding 
  of the rules of the game and 
  command of the technical 
  skills and is ready for 
  competitive play.

  Competitive: Individual 
  has taken a series of 
  lessons or are playing for a 
  middle/high school team or 
  in sanctioned tournaments 
  and looking to take their 
  skills to the next level.