College Prep & Personal Development


The PGTEF College Prep & Personal Development program is a free education program that
provides weekly SAT preparation and life skills education to help underserved students gain
college eligibility and scholarships. This program is open to high school players participating in PGTEF programs.
Additionally, free tutoring is available for any PGTEF students needing assistance.



Personal development classes help to prepare students for life beyond high school. It
addresses issues from the college and scholarship search process, to career planning, 
interpersonal relationships. Personal one-on-one counseling is also available for students
with additional family, social and personal challenges.


The College Prep & Personal Development program has helped a number of students be the first to attend college in their family.
Achieving a college education brings great value to the welfare of the students, their families and the community as a whole. The
program’s successes include:


•100% of students have graduated from high school

• Over 120 students have been admitted to college

• Over 70% of  students receiving academic or athletic scholarships


  • 3 students have received Master’s Degrees
  • 1 student working towards a doctorate
  • 1 student received a Doctorate’s Degree
  • 1 Dental School Graduate
  • 1 Medical School Graduate
  • 1 Law School Graduate